BGLUG Meeting Tues. Oct. 4

Our next meeting will be at the Grey Bruce Community Makers Space, at 1130 8th St E in Owen Sound, on 4th October at 7pm. Enter by the main door. Bring your favourite beverage. Andrew will bring pizza.

Meeting will feature a tour of the Maker space ... which is mostly under construction. Makerspace received a large donation of electronic components and they need help identifying and listing everything. We might help move some furniture. If you want to donate hardware bring it next week. And of course we always have great tech discussions.

BGLUG Meeting Tues. Sep. 6

Let's get this going again. United Way, Tuesday September 6th at 7pm. Andrew will bring pizza, you bring your favourite non alcoholic beverage.

Topic will be Raspberry Pi. Have you done any projects with a pi? Bring it, demo it, show it off. Andrew will do a presentation on using Raspberry Pi for digital advertising using a TV and and will bring his Pi-Cam. The r-pi is ten years old now (released in February 2012). Let's see what you have done with it.

And like usual there will be incomprehensible tech talk and an exchange of free hardware, software and ideas.

BGLUG Meeting Tues. Aug. 2

Our next meeting is Tuesday, August 2, 7 pm, at Joe Tomato's in Owen Sound.

Because of staffing shortages, the meeting room at the back of the restaurant is closed. So we will occupy a large table in the main body of the restaurant, as we did last meeting.

BGLUG Meeting Tues. July 5

Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 5, 7 pm, tentatively at Joe Tomato's in Owen Sound. We use the meeting room at the back of the restaurant.

Note: we have not yet confirmed the location. Check back here Tuesday, or subscribe to our email list to get updates.

BGLUG Meeting Tues. May 3

Updated: Our next meeting is Tuesday, May 3, 7 pm, at Andrew's home, 217 4th Ave. W. Bring your favourite beverage or snack. There will be pizza. Worked on a project recently? Bring that too. Meeting will end at 9 pm sharp.

We're back! BGLUG Meeting Tues. Apr. 5

We're back to in-person meetings! Our next meeting is Tuesday, April 5, 7 pm, at Joe Tomato's in Owen Sound. We use the meeting room at the back of the restaurant.

Current rules allow us to meet, talk, eat and drink together. On the other hand if you are worried about COVID and decide not to come on Tuesday that's ok too. 

Bring whatever you've been working on that you want to share. Andrew will bring his esp8266 weather station and a new dual arduino/ esp8266 proto board. Books, magazines, hardware ... whatever you want to share.

Twenty-one months

Yes, BGLUG is still around and still active. We just haven't had any in-person meetings since March 3, 2020. As it is now December 16, 2021, I make that to be twenty-one months without a live meeting.

Early in the pandemic, there were a few attempts to hold a virtual BGLUG meeting. Those had limited success. Most of our members seem to prefer interacting via our email list.

With the advent of "Omicron," it seems likely that in-person gatherings will be discouraged for a while yet. We'll announce here and on the email list when meetings resume.

Happy holidays to all, and here's hoping for a better 2022!

No BGLUG meeting in April

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no BGLUG meetings at the United Way until further notice.

Feel free to join our email list and chat or ask questions there.

BGLUG Meeting Tues. Mar 3

Our next meeting is Tuesday March 3rd, 7pm at United Way. Click for Google map. Bring your favourite non-alcoholic beverage; Andrew will bring pizza.

No special topic this month. If you've been working on something recently bring it in and show it off. The best part of these meetings is usually the spontaneous and unscripted sharing of ideas, hardware, and software.

BGLUG Meeting Tues. Feb. 4

Our February meeting is Tuesday February 4th, 7pm at United Way. Click for Google map. Bring your favourite non-alcoholic beverage; Andrew will bring pizza.

Tentative topic: Remi and Andrew will explain how they replaced Windows Server with an Ubuntu server at United Way.

There will be some hardware giveaways. And the most important part of all these meetings is the unscripted tech talks that always arise.

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