The Bruce Grey Linux Users Group (BGLUG) was founded in 2000 to bring local Linux users together and to help newcomers to Linux. The group holds monthly meetings, gives technical presentations, distributes Linux CD-ROMs and hosts a web site, www.bglug.ca, which provides online support.

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The Bruce-Grey Linux Users Group is currently centered in Owen Sound, but has members scattered around Bruce and Grey counties. The group is freely open to everyone.

Please see the support section and it's sub topics for more information on the various services available.

We gather together for four main reasons:
- advocacy
- education
- support
- socializing

Short history
Bruce Grey Linux Users Group was originally founded by Richard Court in early 2000. Richard Court, Brad Rodriguez, Andrew Howlett and Dan Eriksen have been key members since it's creation.
Richard has given up control of BGLUG to the current active maintainer, Dan Eriksen (site admin, LPIC-1 certified). A lot of work is still from the other members of the group, namely Andrew Howlett (meeting coordinator, LPIC-1 certified) who started our free CDs service.

Over the last few years we have seen the group grow significantly in size. Nearly everyone has played a role in making the meetings interesting and helping to keep the group going.

The bglug.ca domain was purchased in November 2002. After several months, the forums were added and then eventually our own mailing list.

We are constantly evolving and gladly welcome any constructive feedback and suggestions. If you have any thoughts about the group or the site, please let us know!